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what is the most scariest things?
Us, humans. one minute you are laughing the next second you are hating. I ask what makes us scary? its what we are capable of saying, doing to destory or save, it is the desire that makes us scary, the greed to want something that isn't meant for you.NO it's the difference between us, its the fact that we hurt. People's hearts are full of cracks and for some this is their drive. Life is scary, in this life we can't sleep with both eyes closed. Selfishness is scary this is everyone's motivation, selfless is becoming rare. This is what is scary. Nowadays when you fall , it is hard to  get up because humans would have already crashed you before you even if get the courage.Trust is a funny word, a laughable thing in this life but we are all familiar with betrayal, if we trust we should be prepared to feel this feeling BETRAYAL it sounds like the after taste of Medicine Bitter and it is. People, now carry umbrellas not for a rainy but shield themselves from eachother and this life. which makes this Life and Humans scary.

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I agree that humans are scary since they are so unpredictable. One minute a persons fine then they just turn around and snap in the next minute. It makes living so uncertain.

that's why people like me always have one eye open, even though we can't prevent the consequences of the uncertain, however we can minimise the damage.

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